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Police have yet to locate Nina Reiser’s body and much of the evidence against Reiser is circumstantial.

“He knows that they don’t have the evidence to convict him and he just wants to go home,” said Daniel Horowitz, a seasoned murder defense attorney who represented Reiser for two weeks. “Usually, time helps the defense, witness and evidence fades, the time makes a jury feel the case is unimportant.

“Reiser doesn’t want memories to fade. He just wants to get it done with and move on,” Horowitz added.

Reiser began that process Friday when he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder and refused to waive time. As a result, his trial is scheduled to begin May 7

Reise’s case is looking better by the day. He believes his trial will be over soon and him proclaimed innocent. He has refused to seek bail because he is concentrating all of his time and money on his legal defense. Hang in there Hans! You’ll be out soon.


Personally, I am convinced that Hans will get off. There is not a shred of physical evidence to actually prove that Hans killed Nina. There are alternate explanations and interpretations of all of the evidence, there is no way he could be proven to be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The judge even went so far as to say she had grave doubts as to whether Nina was killed. She went missing September 3rd, and her body has still not been found. Poor Hans has been rotting in a jail cell without bail since October, rather than writing valuable software.

I am fully convinced Hans will go free, and when he does we will throw a BBQ for our favorite filesystem developer. You’re all invited.

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