June 29, 2007

Looks like the Wired article got noticed by a lot of people. Yes, it certainly portrays Reiser as a bit of an eccentric, but his heart is clearly in the right place and I think the evidence against Nina continues to become more and more apparent. Since there is still no physical evidence to prove Hans killed Nina, any number of possible explanations are possible, based on the circumstantial evidence. While Nina’s upset family makes unsubstantiated accusations that Reiser killed Nina, I think it’s equally likely based purely on the same evidence that Nina stole large amount of money from Namesys, probably paying off the Russian Mafia, which she is thought to have connections with. It seems obvious to me that she clearly faked her death and framed Reiser so that she could get back to Russia (not hard when you’re paying off the Russian Mafia) to be with Reiser’s children and spend his hard-earned money while poor Hans sits behind bars unable to even see his kids. It’s a heartbreaking tale, and I for one hope he gets acquitted and Nina is brought to justice.


18 Responses to “Update”

  1. GFX Says:

    What about the front seat?

  2. freereiser Says:


  3. KiSSy Says:

    The car seat is a RED HERRING.

  4. Anthony Bramante Says:

    Great, a red herring. So where is it?

  5. KiSSy Says:

    A better question is, where did Sean put Nina’s body?

  6. Garth Says:

    The Wired article brought me here, though I had heard about this last year.

    What confuses me is that this is being treated as a murder, yet there is no body. Why not treat it as kidnapping? Or a runaway? Am I missing something?

    How is Hans still being held? With no evidance, one would have thought that the laws of the American Justice System would require them to let him go? Do they have something on him?

    As far as I can see, this seems to be about a supposed crime, a victimless crime. (Victimless in the sense that they can’t find a victim.) If she is dead, they can’t do anything about it untill they have proof that she is dead. If she is dead and he killed her, they can’t do anything untill they find her body, and find some proof that he did it.

    If she has run away, they may never find her. If she is in Russia, the chances of finding her are even less.

    If Sturgeon killed her, they need to find a body and proof that he killed her.

    There is just so much “if” in all this that really, I don’t see how he is still behind bars. Mean while, his life has fallen to pieces, he hasn’t been able to see his kids, and they are in another country, his business has suffered because they have imprisoned him, and his code is getting rejected because nobody wants to use code used by an accused murderer.

    And all of that on top of his ex-wife having vanished.

    What is it, exactly, that is keeping him behind bars?

  7. IAmYourDad Says:

    I think this is a made up story from Wired magazine to help sell a movie script or something. There is no Han Reiser. It’s all a lie!!!

  8. Sacrath Says:

    Are you serious? If you need proof of Han Reiser’s existence just type his name into Google. You couldn’t have done any sort of research at all.

  9. H0ckeyPhreak Says:


    The American justice system can hold an individual, while the state builds a case against him. While the time frame that they can hold them, all depends on the case, but can hold him nonetheless. While this case is mostly built off of circumstantial evidence, it’ll only be a matter of time of either his complete acquittal or court time. What gets me is how he invoked his constitutional right to a speedy trial, and still he sits without a trial. Just my two cents.

  10. truth machine Says:

    “It seems obvious to me that she clearly faked her death and framed Reiser so that she could get back to Russia (not hard when you’re paying off the Russian Mafia) to be with Reiser’s children and spend his hard-earned money while poor Hans sits behind bars unable to even see his kids.”

    It seems obvious to me that you’re (I’d redundantly say “clearly” here if I were like you) retarded. While it’s conceivable that happened, it certainly isn’t “obvious” or “clear”. If Reiser’s fate depends on people as irrational as you are, he’s in very deep doodoo.

  11. truth machine Says:

    “Are you serious?”

    Are you a moron? If anything is obvious or clear, it’s that IAmYourDad’s comment was a joke. Of course, at a site devoted to people unable to rationally process evidence, it’s not surprising that people would have trouble detecting sarcasm.

    “As far as I can see, this seems to be about a supposed crime, a victimless crime. (Victimless in the sense that they can’t find a victim.)”

    Hey that’s great, so if we chop you up into little pieces and flush you down the toilet, that would be a victimless crime.

    “Am I missing something?”

    IQ points?

    “What is it, exactly, that is keeping him behind bars?”

    Well, genius, he’s been charged with a capital offense and his own behavior made him look like a flight risk, so he is probably being held on remand. As for the evidence on which the charge was based, ask his lawyer, although there’s more than enough mentioned in the article to make the charge stick.

    “his code is getting rejected because nobody wants to use code used by an accused murderer”

    No one has rejected his code because he’s an accused murderer. People all over the planet run reiserfs, and every linux distro supports it. The claim in the article that Novell dropped it is ignorant BS — all they did was change the default installation FS from reiserfs to ext3 — for strictly technical reasons. In fact, just about everything technical in the article is ignorant BS, from those stupid + signs in front of the code lines to the author’s utter confusion of file systems with operating systems and search engines.

  12. truth machine Says:

    “The car seat is a RED HERRING.”

    Yeah, like the gloves and the footprints and the spattered blood and all the other evidence
    in the O J Simpson trial were red herrings, throwing the scent off “the real killers” that Simpson has devoted his life to finding just like he said he would.

  13. KiSSy Says:

    What are you talking about? Are you saying that owning gloves is evidence that you are a murderer? Or leaving footprints? The police found trace amounts of blood, most likely Nina’s menses. They even found Hans’ blood. I guess that means he is also guilty of killing himself.

    There is no evidence that Hans Reiser murdered Nina Reiser. There is no evidence that Nina Reiser has been murdered.

  14. Well, seeing the argument surrounding OJ’s case relating to Hans’, I hope that people see the flaw in case law.

    I’m watching two girls for the summer, aged 8 and 9. Whenever one is caught doing something, she will say that the other was doing it, which doesn’t affect my punishment of the first.

    What’s obvious is that even we who have known him one way or another don’t know what happened.

    If ever there were a case for flight risk, though, I think his is a strong one. I’m not saying that the prosecution has a case, that he’s being given his constitutional rights, or that he even actually is a flight risk. I’m just saying that, in the position of the judge, his case would warrant his detainment or imprisonment.

    I, though, am a Constitutionalist. Therefore, considering his rights, I believe firmly that he should be let free. I certainly have my suspicions about him, and some evidence looks bad for him, but I am just as certainly willing to declare, “Free Reiser!”

  15. Natalee Says:

    Benjamin, you mean he should be free like Joran Van Der Sloot?

  16. FoolsGold Says:

    It still has not been determined if there has in fact been any looting of the corporation or if the homicide charge situation will facilitate further corporate looting.

    Seat is not located but one wonders if it could be disposed of easily or not. Seems a minor issue.

    The son’s testimony precludes the defendant from prevailing on his motion to dismiss but that testimony was elicited only after the state allowed the grandmother to have custody and thus constitutes spoliation of the evidence.

  17. Nigel Says:

    This case is very dramatic and bizarre, I will give it that.

    It is obvious that something unusual has happened. Whether that is murder or kidnapping or something else entirely has yet to be seen.

    I am concerned for Hans Reiser because of the extreme length of time he has been jailed for this crime. Nina disappeared nearly a year ago, and Hans has been jailed for most of that time. His court date has been pushed back again and again for reasons that, to me, are very tenuous.

    I believe that the authorities are abusing their power in this matter. I don’t know why they are. Maybe someone has a hard-on for jailing rich white guys. Maybe some jock-turned-cop wants to fuck with a nerd some more. Maybe some right-wing nutjob bureaucrat wants to see God’s Will Done Unto The Wicked, Yea For Unto A Score Of Years.

    This is not fair to Hans Reiser and his Rights as guaranteed in the Constitution. His situation is eerily similar to those detainees in Guantanamo Bay: guilty until proven innocent, guilty because They say so.

  18. knifemonkey Says:

    is he free yet?
    i am still waiting for reiser4 :s
    but really i mean common, you cant judge a person without undeniable proof, it’s just speculation.
    if the authorities actually knew a thing or two they would know who killed Nina without doubt, instead of locking up this dude in jail they would be able to give a verdict, not just an assumption, and this would have been over ages ago.

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