Reiser Trial in Progress

November 29, 2007

We here at have of course been following the progress of the trial, and it’s been pretty interesting to say the least. The prosecution has presented plenty of evidence that Reiser was a bit of a wackjob and allegedly said some weird things, but they have not presented any hard, physical evidence that Nina is dead, much less that Hans was involved. Sure, he is eccentric and intensely disliked Nina, but that hardly proves beyond a doubt that he murdered her. The defense is expected to keep presenting testimony against Hans’ character, but no new physical evidence.

While Hans certainly does appear shifty and unstable according to the testimony so far, it’s likely the veteran D.A. prosecuting the case could make anyone look suspicious given over a year of time to research their history. It’s clear Hans was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is in danger of being unfairly and incorrectly accused of murder. It’s likely that the defense can convince the jury of this by the end, and hopefully Hans can be free as in beer.

Good daily coverage of the trial:

Wired Threat Level

Chronicle Reiser Blog


5 Responses to “Reiser Trial in Progress”

  1. nonya Says:

    It seems like you’re more interested in Hans going free, regardless of his innocence or guilt, then you are in Hans getting a fair trial and justice being done. What’s your agenda here? Are you just a Linux fanboy?

  2. Bob Onya Says:

    “It’s clear Hans was just in the wrong place at the wrong time” Yep, at the scene of a murder. That’s certainly wrong place, wrong time.

  3. “evidence that Reiser was a bit of a wackjob and allegedly said some weird things”

    What evidence, what were the weird things he said?

  4. Aslan Says:

    Yes, there must be a lot of reasons a person’s blood appears on a column of your house, Or that your front seat is missing, Or why your ex-wife’s blood is on a sleeping bag case. Or that you try to hide a car this car. Or that you hose down the inside of a car. But one of those reasons is that you killed you ex-wife, put her body in a sleeping bag case, drover her to a remote location, dumped the body, threw the seat into a dumpster, hosed down the car leaving an inch of water.

    But It would be more reasonable assume it’s just that world is trying to frame a geek. I question your motives and your intelligence.

  5. Jenny Says:

    looks like you were the one that got it all wrong. They knew along it was him they just had to give him bate to confess.

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