Don’t believe everything you read

April 28, 2008

The media distorts a lot of evidence, making everybody think they are an expert on the Reiser trial. I went to the trials, I spoke to people who knew the involved parties, I read the court transcripts. Read up on the history of the Oakland PD, you’ll be a lot less inclined to trust them to conduct a proper investigation. Just look at how badly they bungled the Black Muslim Bakery case going on right now. Plus Nina was obviously a shady Russian. Don’t ever underestimate desperate shady Russians.


23 Responses to “Don’t believe everything you read”

  1. paulb Says:

    FREE RAISER!!!!!!!

  2. julia kuznetsov Says:

    Shady russians are hot, and smart, and frequently “get away with murder.”

    -Julia Kuznetsov

  3. anon Says:

    What does the OPD have to do with the fact that a jury found him guilty of murder? If they’d returned an acquittal, then maybe the OPD screwed up. Since they returned a guilty verdict, seems to me like they did their job. Unless you’re saying that all twelve members of the jury were OPD. I don’t think they allow that.

  4. Burillo Says:

    25 years with no direct proof is bullshit.

    And please… I don’t know if “nationalism” is the correct word here (maybe we have different meanings of this word?)… Please no “don’t trust russians” thing, OK?

  5. Mycroft Says:

    Memes my friend. -And of course M$.
    The press especially the MSNBC bunch. The local TV channels.
    This was not a trial about justice. This was bought and paid for my M$. Follow the money trail, the prosecutor had unlimited sums of money to ‘create’ the prosecution. The controlled media won’t talk about ‘innocent’ people only their guilt. There was no timeline when this could have been done by Hans but we are told this is not important.
    Next, the attorney was cronies with both the judge and the prosecutor. The defending attorney was not as good as I had hoped and refused to object to testimony by prosecution witnesses. The attorney also picked a bunch of non-technical dunderheads for a jury.
    Memes also convicted Scott Peterson. The only person completely convinced of Scott Peterson’s acquittal quit during deliberations, he also had 19 notebooks of notes he had taken. In the Scott Peterson trial a sitting Fuck Up of a President also signed into law a bill named after the deceased in the case before it even came to trial!
    Lastly Hans Reiser was not afforded a jury of his peers. How many of the jurors even knows what Linux is?
    If Linus were to be tried for murder, don’t you think there would need to be some Linux users on the Jury?
    If an attorney is tried aren’t there some attorneys in the jury box?
    Hans and Scott will be incarcerated just long enough to grow up. The truth will come out and they will have an opportunity to do something with their lives.

  6. prak Says:

    This is bit OT: from what i remembered there was quite detailed ReiserFS documentation, I had a look into it in past, but I can’t find it anymore. Anyone knows where it is mirrored?

  7. Yonah Says:

    Read this, you dipshits:

    He’s offering to lead them to Nina’s body for a reduced sentence, with the hopes of getting less sodomy time in the slammer. You stupid mother fuckers actually believe this Linux fagot is innocent. Good thing being a dumbfuck isn’t a crime, or you’d be in jail too.

  8. Pietro Says:

    Hey there,
    you might consider toning your arguments down a bit next time. Your ‘desperate shady russians’ argument may offend lots of people. I have no reason to believe you have something against russians (only the shady ones), but people might get the wrong impression.

    Also: What about Hans offering to lead the police to the body in exchange of a deal for a reduced sentence?

  9. leo Says:

    What do you know about him offering to lead authorities to the body?

    I read Wired’s article and didn’t find it conclusive enough and I thought it was biased.

    Since I thought it was biased I need to hear your [biased] side of the story to make my own conclusions.

  10. Bob Onya Says:

    Your site is a joke. The only “miscarriage of justice” is Hans killing his innocent wife.

  11. Charles Says:

    You might want to update your site, now that Hans has led the police to the body. Guess what? It wasn’t in Russia!

  12. Bob Onya Says:

    Great job,! Do you feel like a retard, now that Hans led the police to his wife’s body? Way to support a wife killer. Maybe you should throw your support behind Charles Manson or OJ next. Keep up the great work!

  13. bob Says:

    “This has been a sad case, and shaken our faith in the criminal justice system. I’m sure much of this and the obvious bias of Judge Goodman will be exposed in the appeals.”

    Too funny. Another liberal wackjob.

  14. Hiram Says:

    An apology is in order, from whoever maintained this site. Where are they now?

  15. toolej Says:

    Hey, commented on this blog back in ’06 explaining to you all how you have no idea what really happened and shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

    Anyway, without further ado…

    /told you so dance

  16. Deb Says:

    Oopsie, Looks like Hans was fibbing and the Jury came to the correct decision.

  17. Jess Says:

    Yeah, he admitted to murdering his wife and led the police directly to her body. In California..not Russia.

    I think an apology to the jury and the judge and people that thought and knew he was guilty is in order.

  18. Justice Served Says:

    The prosecutors had to make a deal with the devil, but in the end it was important for everyone to realize that most guilty people claim they are innocent. They can do so with the absolute appearence of sincerity, but that does not make it so.

  19. Hello,

    I fully support Hans Reiser! Who cares about that bitch?

    Hans Reiser Free!

  20. MikeeUSA Says:


    He made a killer filesystem.

    It was good at consolidating small files into contiguous areas

    and he was good at consolidating adulterous women into the ground, Old Testament style.

  21. Not a dumbfuck Says:

    Who ever created this website is an absolute dumbass. Just because this worthless fuck created some filing system doesn’t allow him to play the role of God. I’m glad he was forced to pay his former wife’s family and children 60 mil. I’m also glad to see he gets the shit kicked out of him n every prison he’s transferred too.

    • hans is innocent Says:

      hans reiser is still innocent. there is zero evidence that he murdered his aldulterous gold digging wife.

  22. Not a dumbfuck Says:

    Fucking coward

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