15 Responses to “Who IS Nina Reiser?”

  1. Fools Gold Says:

    Okay. I’ll bite.
    Who is Nina Reiser?

  2. PENIX Says:

    Nina is a cheating, drugged up whore. Probably deserved to die.

  3. boutros Says:

    PENIX: So is your mother, a drugged up who. She probably deserves to die.

  4. toolej Says:

    She sounds pretty fun.

  5. Mike Says:

    She’s dead. Hans killed her.

  6. Ian Says:

    Why wouldn’t the kids want to come back to the US when they were supposed to? Probably because Nina Reiser fled to Russia.

  7. Joe Says:

    There’s a big secret to be told…

    She’s really a MAN!

  8. Ronda Says:

    Serves him right for trusting a RUSSIAN.

  9. Marthin Says:

    Ronda, You clearly have a very negative and discriminating opinion about Russians.
    Don’t judge the masses because of one fool. — Should Nina really have traveled to Russia.
    If the world would judge the USA based on Bush alone it would have become the worlds biggest parking lot a long time ago.

    Who Nina really is or if she is alive or not still remains to be seen. Too little is still known about her and conspiracy theories will not get anyone closer to the truth.
    I bet next someone will claim she has been abducted by alians or she vanished into an event horizon from Mr Reisers car, which took the car seat with her and will reapear in 6 months in the same spot. Why the area was washed is because the backwash from the event horizon burned the particles and dust in the air when it closed around Nina so the area became chared with ashes and stuff.

    Get a grip. *sigh*

  10. Burillo Says:

    yeah, there’s a terrible bias in the world against Russians and also we (Russians) in turn have a terrible bias against Americans (by saying “we” i don’t mean myself, i mean the majority of my country).

    The sad thing is when a woman is very poor and she has a chance to get the fuck out of the asshole she’s living in (some Russian villages for example) – she’ll do everything. Including fooling a man into loving her, raise kids with her etc. A lot of these girls are former prostitutes, so it’s no big deal for them to pretend they enjoy their private life.

    I won’t comment on Nina Reiser specifically since i know NOTHING about this case. I also won’t comment on Reiser since i don’t know him either, i only use his filesystem 🙂

    But. The court and the prosecution is clrealy terribly biased – 25 years with no direct proof, no proper investigation – this is just ridiculous.

  11. Jess Says:

    Nina Reiser was a mother of two children that was murdered and buried by their father. It’s despicable that you even had this site going and a horrible topic like this…you didn’t know the woman! And now that he led the police to her body and admitted to murdering her you think you might update this site?????? Moron.

  12. Jess Says:

    And Nina Reiser was an obstetrician and gyno! Freaking morons!

  13. james degriz Says:

    this places the entire linux community of developers and admins in a very poor light. at best, it shows what bad judgement and manners you have.

  14. Says:

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  15. LisaLin0922 Says:

    This douche has admitted to murdering his wife and mother of his 2 Kids and then even showed them where She was buried. Should really keep up on your facts. But just like all of the other ingrates out there once your wacked out Conspiracy Theorists out there, once your proven wrong they disappear W/O a peep. You guys are so braisen and bold putting your theories and opinions out there, so when your theories are Debunked or protein false, have the balls to acknowledge your mistakes Because we all make em’! So when youput theories out there then at least have the balls to stand behind it because you all just End-Up looking like Spineless Jellyfish! As for Russians in America I’m ok with that. The cold war is over people. Why don’t we focus on the Mexicans rushing over here to have anchor babies and suck up our taxes through special government benefits specifically for immigrants. Or all the middle easterns rushing to America to by up businesses in which they do not have to pay taxes for 7-10-years and only to turn around when that times up and put it in a family members name and then another 7-10-Years tax free for Them! A benefit in which homegrown Americans are not able to use. Really everyday Russian immigrants are the least of our worries. No I don’t mean theblood thirsty Russian government officials, I mean normal every day citizens. Wise-Up Folks.

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