Reiser’s trial was scheduled to start today and I was hoping to go see it and show my support for Hans, but it’s been postponed since his attorney DuBois is currently still finishing up another unrelated murder case. DuBois says he hopes to be done with that trial by the 29th of May.

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, it turns out Nina’s ex-boyfriend just confessed to eight, possibly nine murders ( Nina supposedly broke up with him because he was too into his sadomasochistic lifestyle.

The ex-boyfriend claims that Reiser should take credit for the murder of Nina:

Speaking to Wired News, Sturgeon said “I will not take credit for what another has done. Let Hans take a lie-detector test about Nina.” Not blame. “Credit.” (

Who the hell knows though, this is a man who just confessed to killing eight people and getting off on beating the shit out of Nina. We’ll see where this goes.

Interestingly enough, the only semi-reputable news source to report this (other than this blog of course) has been Wired, so far all of the Bay Area news outlets have refrained from mentioning this interesting tidbit of information.