June 29, 2007

Looks like the Wired article got noticed by a lot of people. Yes, it certainly portrays Reiser as a bit of an eccentric, but his heart is clearly in the right place and I think the evidence against Nina continues to become more and more apparent. Since there is still no physical evidence to prove Hans killed Nina, any number of possible explanations are possible, based on the circumstantial evidence. While Nina’s upset family makes unsubstantiated accusations that Reiser killed Nina, I think it’s equally likely based purely on the same evidence that Nina stole large amount of money from Namesys, probably paying off the Russian Mafia, which she is thought to have connections with. It seems obvious to me that she clearly faked her death and framed Reiser so that she could get back to Russia (not hard when you’re paying off the Russian Mafia) to be with Reiser’s children and spend his hard-earned money while poor Hans sits behind bars unable to even see his kids. It’s a heartbreaking tale, and I for one hope he gets acquitted and Nina is brought to justice.


Wired Article

June 27, 2007

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Wired has an excellent article on the Reiser case. It contains the first interviews with Sturgeon and Reiser, and provides a fair look at the case from Hans’s woefully underrepresented perspective.